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WBA Music in Motion

Today is our First competition of the season.  We will competing at Ayala High School in the first WBA competition. 

We are not using buses, please plan accordinlgy to make sure your students arrives on time.

Call Sheet

WBA Ayala High School

October 13th, 2018


8:45              Call time at CHHS.

9-1                  Rehearsal

1:00               Pack & Load Trailer, Students dismissed

5:30                Arrive at Ayala High School, unload trailer, change into uniforms

6:30                Warm up

7:30                Parents Volunteers arrive for pit and props

8:00                Final Run

8:20                Pit arrive at staging

8:15                Band and Guard walk to staging

8:20                Gate                                                                                                 

8:30                PERFORMANCE!!!!!

9:00                Debrief, change out of uniform, load trailer

9:15                Student leaders meet at staging for awards

9:45                Award Ceremony

10:30              Load trailer and dismissal




1.     Clean black under shirt, black shorts, black gloves, black socks and marching shoes.

2.     T-shirt, pants and shoes to change into after the performance.  Don’t forget a jacket of sweater.

3.     Eat breakfast before you come to school. Bring money for after

4.     You are representing CHHS, be a class act.  All school rules apply!


Location:        Ayala High School

Chino Hills, CA 92709


Due to the many bands in attendance and to provide space for band preparation, there is only limited preferred paid car parking $5.00 and free handicapped parking on campus. We have a spectator parking lot at the Church of Latter Day Saints on Eucalyptus and at the Chino Hills Community Center across from Ayala. There is also street parking within walking distance to the school. Absolutely no additional vehicles will be allowed to park on campus with your buses.

General Admission tickets are $12.00


5A Division:


Vista Murrieta


Rancho Cucamonga





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5:00 PM17:00

Home Football Game - Homecoming

Who:        All Winds, Battery, Pit, and Guard members

What:       Football Game

When:      Friday October 5

Where:     Chino Hills High School


5:30          Call Time @ CHHS band room, change into uniform

6:00          Warm up in sections with Townsend students

6:25          Ensemble warm with Townsend

6:45          March to stadium

6:55          Perform Fight Song

7:00          Game

8:15          Halftime

9:15          Perform after game

9:45          Return to Band Room


*No one leaves until band room is cleaned.



What to bring:

·      Band Shoes

·      black shorts and shirts

·      Gloves

·      Full length Black socks

You will have 3 quarter off.  No eating in uniform! 

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Waba Grill Fundraiser
10:00 AM10:00

Waba Grill Fundraiser

Eat out and enjoy some good food with a group of amazing musician. Take your music student out to dinner and help support the program.

Go to the Waba Grill at 4517 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Hills and mention Chino Hills High School. No flyer needed, tell everyone to go support our program.

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8:00 AM08:00

Uniform Fitting

Students will be fitted for band uniforms in the following order:

8-9:  Seniors and Juniors

9-11:  Sophomores & Freshman

Shoes will be available at this time to try on.  Please make sure your old marching shoes are in good shape and still fit.  We will only place 1 order for shoes and gloves.  Make sure you have double checked your equiptment. 

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