The Chino Hills music program is comprised of 7 ensembles:

Marching Band and Color Guard, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz I & II, Marching Indoor Percussion Ensemble, and Winter Color Guard. This breadth of offerings provides opportunities for anyone interested in being a part of the musical world at Chino Hills High School.

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Marching Band

Locally known for its rigorous drills and innovative award-winning musical performances, the Husky Regiment consists of students who perform music for its own sake, and build strength through competition as a team. The Chino Hills Husky Regiment is under the Direction of Steve Krumbine.

During the fall marching season, the marching band competes in local, regional competitions. Last year the Regiments competed in Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association (SCSBOA) Championships where they won the Gold medal and high percussion award. In other years the Regiment has traveled to Fresno, California to compete in the Western Band Association (WBA) Championships.



The Chino Hills percussion program has quickly turned into one of the top percussion ensembles in the country. For the marching band season, the ensemble has earned nine state championships titles in the Western Bands Association for high percussion since the fall of 2007. For the indoor percussion program the ensemble has won the SCPA Gold medal in the World Class at the local level since 2010.

On the national level Chino Hills has been a world class finalist for 11 years, has medaled 9 times since 2009, has been in the top two from 2012-2018 and won the national title a total of 5 times in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2018! The percussion program has been under the direction of John Mapes and Jeremy Riley since the fall of 2005 and Ian Grom starting in the fall of 2009.

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Color Guard

Color guard is a form of dance that involves more than controlling the body, but also through the use of equipment. The Color Guard is a component of the Marching Band during the fall, using choreography and equipment to enhance the visual effect of the marching band show, and is judged as part of the overall visual appeal as well as in its own category. From January through April, the Color Guard competes in Winter Guard, an indoor Color Guard activity. The guard is under the direction of Brent Dunlap.


Wind Ensemble

This selective group prepares and performs high-level works for concert band. These works are well suited for this smaller ensemble (35-45 musicians.) The Wind Ensemble is the most advanced concert ensemble at Chino Hills High School, performing at local and regional wind band festivals as well as performances on the school campus. This ensemble will perform band literature at the collegiate level. The Wind Ensemble is directed by Mr. Steve Krumbine.


Jazz Band

The Chino Hills jazz ensemble is a separate musical group for impassioned elite players of the Regiment who are willing to be challenged with a higher difficulty level of music. The ensemble plays several jazz genres such as latin, blues, funk, swing, classical jazz, smooth jazz, and jazz rock. The jazz ensemble is also dynamically competitive, facing high schools all over California.

Chino Hills High School's jazz ensemble holds the ability to exemplify specific talents in each individual's music career, and also provides a firm musical foundation for those who want to take a musical path in the future after high school. The jazz ensemble is an activity that benefits mutually between audience and players. It is truly a challenging experience for the jazz players and an amazing show for the audience. The Jazz I & II are directed by Steve Krumbine.


Concert Band

Concert Band is the non audition musical ensemble on the Chino Hills campus. This ensemble is open to all players at a variety of ability levels. This is a great place to practice that second instrument, or try something new. Members of this ensemble are enrolled in the year long Winds class. Concert band performs at various concerts and at SCSBOA festivals. The Concert Band is directed by Mr. Steve Krumbine.